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Alliance of Baptists Adopt Statement on Same Sex Marriage - October 17, 2004 in Dayton, OH

Association of Welcoming & Affirming Baptists Announce Interim Director - Daniel Pryfogle has agreed to be interim through January 2005 (posted 4/21/2004)

Association of Welcoming & Affirming Baptists National Coordinator Shares Thoughts on Resignation - Rev. Brenda Moulton shares here personal reflections on moving on from her leadership role (posted 2/2/2004)

Association of Welcoming & Affirming Baptists National Coordinator Tenders Resignation - Rev. Brenda Moulton resigns as AWAB Coordinator (posted 1/31/2004)

Association of Welcoming & Affirming Baptists and American Baptists Concerned to Reunite - Two organizations, within ABC that share common inclusive ministries join together (posted 6/17/2003)

Rev. Craig R.J. Darling, of Seattle First Baptist Church Named Recipient of Christian Service Award - Rev. Darling will be presented with the award June 28, in Richmond, VA. (posted 6/17/2003)

Last Dismissed California Church Accepted into Another American Baptist Region - San Leando Community Church is now part of the Rochester/Genesee, NY Region. (posted 5/2/2001)

Grace Baptist Church in Chicago Calls Lesbian Pastor - The first out lesbian or gay person approved by an ABC ordination council is called to serve. (posted 3/11/2001)

Seattle Welcoming & Affirming Churches are Failed Target of Expulsion Attempt - An attempt to change Regional bylaws in the American Baptists Churches of the Northwest failed by eight votes. The change would have paved the way for the ouster of two Seattle congregations. (posted 6/25/2000) 

American Baptists Amend Earlier Votes to Expel Four California Churches - The General Board's vote postpones the expulsion from the denomination of the churches and stays eight Regions call for adjudication. (posted 12/5/99)

North Carolina W&A Church Picketed by Fred Phelps - Binkley Memorial Baptist Church responds with love and grace when picketed by Fred Phelps and his band of Primitive Baptist followers from Topeka, Kansas. (posted 5/22/99)

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Rights of Women and Sexual Minorities at Issue at Southern Baptist Convention - Southern Baptists limit the role of women in the church and step further away from their Baptist heritage by abandoning the "priesthood of all believers.". (posted 6/25/2000)

Georgia Southern Baptists Expel Two Churches - Oakhurst Baptist Church in Decatur and Virginia-Highlands Baptist Church in Atlanta were ousted from the Georgia Baptist Convention because they are inclusive of gay and lesbian members. (posted 11/21/99)

North Carolina Church Takes Stand For Gay Rights - Members of Wake Forest Baptist Church cleared the way in November 1998, for its ministers to perform same-sex unions. (posted 1/29/99)

Southern Baptists Promote Anti-Gay Curriculum - 1.5 million copies of the SBC's new Adult Sunday School curriculum have been sold, saying sexual orientation can be changed. (posted 3/1/99)

University Baptist Church, Austin, TX Disfellowshipped - University Baptist Church was Disfellowshipped February 24, 1998, by the General Baptist Convention of Texas for its affirmation and inclusion of lesbian and gay Christians. (posted February 1998)

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Presbyterian Church, USA Reverses Ban on Ordination of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Presbyterians - Although the change in rules will not take effect for a year the change means many qualified people will be able to server there church. (posted 6/17/2001)

Reflections on Lynchburg - The Rev. Doug Donley tells his account of the meeting between the Rev. Jerry Falwell and the Rev. Mel White and their respective representatives in Lynchburg ,Virginia. (posted 11/21/99)

Leader of UCC Issues a Letter Against Hate Crimes and Homophobia - Paul H. Sherry, President United Church of Christ issues a pastoral letter in response to the hate crimes against people because of their sexual orientation. (posted 2/28/99)

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